Legal Support

Project LISA (Legal Information Services Access) offers the following services for women 18 years or older who have experienced domestic violence or high conflict separation:


  • Help obtaining a legal aid certificate for women who are involved in family court matters

  • Provide referrals to vetted lawyers

  • Accompany clients to court and legal appointments

  • Direct referrals to community resources

  • Help develop a parenting plan for mothers with children

Education - Community Outreach - Advocacy

We educate the community by offering:

  • Educational workshops and training sessions for professionals and members of the community.

  • The opportunity to hear first hand from survivors of domestic abuse.

  • Workshops for teens and young adults to create awareness about healthy relationships and the warning signs of controlling and abusive behaviour.

  • #bethereforher campaign to take the shame out of intimate partner violence.



  • Am I afraid of my partner most of the time?

  • Does my partner isolate me from family and friends?

  • Is my partner irrationally jealous?

  • Do I feel emotionally numb or helpless?

  • Does my partner criticize me and put me down?

  • Has my partner hurt me, or threatened to hurt or kill me?

  • Has my partner threatened to take my children away or harm them?

  • Has my partner forced me to have sex?

  • Does my partner limit my access to money, the phone, or the car

If you answered "yes" to any or all of these questions, you may be in an abusive relationship. You may be physically, sexually, or financially abused.


Are you in an abusive relationship?



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